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Round 1
10/10/2019 - 10/11/2019
Current Price: $0,1
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Round 2
11/11/2019 - 30/11/2019
Current Price: $0,15
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Round 3
01/12/2019 - 12/12/2019
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Travel Around The World

World Travel Blockchain is built on Blockchain Tron Network platform, allowing all users in the travel industry to join a unified network to enjoy the most preferential benefits in ecosystem.

New Experience

WTB App (Word Travel Blockchain Application) is an e-wallet application on smartphones, WTB App is available on both iOS and Androi operating systems, aiming to meet the demand for use with more than 10 million users.

With mobile payment platform, Word Travel Blockchain promotes modern economy, providing for customers with one touch payment experience, fast and convenient, can be done anytime, anywhere with hundreds of utilities including: homestay, tourist resort, luxury resort, transaction, bill payment, buy air tickets/train tickets/movie tickets and transaction on phone.

Ecosystem World Travel Blockchain
Book Anywhere
WTB provides booking service, helping users book flights ticket, trains ticket, car rentals, find hotels and hundreds of other gadgets in all countries of the world with the most preferential prices.
The most attractive deals
WTB has programs for customers who subscribe to receive promotions for the best deals:
Book flight tickets
Deals from more than 25 domestic and international airlines.
Hotel reservation
More than 15,000 hotels from popular hotels to 5 stars with preferential rates, suitable for customer's needs and budgets.
This combo includes hotel reservation services combined with air ticket booking or train booking, car rental.
Cheap ticket hunt
Customers using cheap ticket hunting program will receive up to 99% discount.
Discover deals
Suggest destinations and discount rates for first-time customers.
Daily deals
Every day, customers will receive new promotions depending on the needs and preferences of customers
The Most Optimal Platform

World Travel Blockchain(WTB) is built on Blockchain Tron Network platform, increases processing speed to 2000 TPS/s at a near-zero cost ($0.0000901). This is considered the most optimal fee today.

WTB platform is system that includes sophisticated algorithms to store data related to transactions, databases and increase user experience.

WTB Points Program

More benefits

WTB Points is a new program that helps customers get more benefits when booking rooms, homestays, tours and utilities on World Travel Blockchain platform.

To join WTB Points is very simple, you only need to register for membership program, you will receive reward points after each use of the service with the corresponding rate.

Get money from travel

You can earn WTB token by the following methods:
- Book tours and other utilities via WTB App
- Review locations on WTB App and WTB social networks.
- Write experience sharing and connect the community to participate in WTB tourism social network.
- Vote for interesting travel destinations you've been to.

WTB Points Terms
WTB's membership program is subject to the following terms and conditions for awarding
The member number of the recipient of the reward point must belong to the customer who is resting at the hotel.
The booking price for WTB POINTS may be different from regular bookings with the same conditions.
WTB POINTS booking price is not listed in detail for room rate and points.
Cancellation policies may apply in full for reservations with WTB POINTS.
Superior Payment Methods
Customers when using service can choose two method:Direct payment when using service and payment for services by WTB token. WTB tokens are digital assets used in the entire World Travel Blockchain ecosystem and especially in the WTB Points membership program. WTB token solves the problem of peer-to-peer payment for users everywhere in the world, the use of WTB contributes to connecting the global travel network, helping to bring the experience to users around the world.
Public Exchange
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Distribution Of WTB Tokens
70% Of the WTB tokens will be issued for sale during the token sale.
11% Of the tokens will be released to the founder.
7% Of the tokens will be released for the core members associated with this project.
5% Of the tokens will be released for marketing and promotion.
5% Of the tokens will be released for advisors, partners, and early investors.
2% Of the tokens will be released for bounty rewards.
Allocations Of Funds Collected During The ICO Sale
Technical development
Reserve funds
Business development
Load portfolio
The Timeline
Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

Anthony Phillips

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nelson Davies

Chief Technology Officer

Juan Sanchez

Chief Marketing Officer

Joseph Robinson

Head of Finance

James Carter

Senior Software Engineer

Simon Wright

Full Stack Developer

David Harris

Blockchain Developer

Ray Lewis

Marketing Manager

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